Sour rye starter tank

BIO-FM-Ż 300 Sour Rye Starter Plant in Opatów, “Tradycja” Bakery. The BIO-FM-Ż series of sour rye starter tanks is designed for production and storage of bioactive bread sourdoughs available in bulk.
The process of fermentation initiated by the addition of starter cultures (e.g., BioStarPlus leaven) to a mixture of water and rye flour is started in the pre-fermenter or a separate kneading machine. Fully fermented sour rye starter is removed from the pre-fermenter and placed in the sour rye starter tank and further processed according to the technological process scheme. The process of fermentation starts (mode I of the device operation). Once fermentation is completed, the sour rye starter tank automatically switches to mode II operation (cooling) intended for sour rye starter storage. Fully fermented sour rye starter is collected by gravitational method through a check valve or a rotodynamic pump with a gravimetric module.
Standard sour rye starter tanks are available in the capacities 300, 400, 650, 1400, 1600 litres. Tanks with the capacities of 2000,3000,4000 litres can be custom-made upon order.
The capacity of the BIO-FM-Ż-650 device allows to produce 800 kg (2 x 400 kg) of sour rye starter per day, while – BIO-FM-Ż-1400 – 1700 kg (2 x 850 kg) of sour rye starter per day.

  • Standard Equipment
  • -LENZE gear motor G500 series
    -Stirrer with scrapers
    -Control cabinet (installation in any location or device)
    -Automatic fermentation process
    -Automatic storage process
    -Touch panel control unit
    -Direct measurement temperature sensor
    -Safety switch
    -Limit switch on flap
  • Optional Equipment
  • -Cleaning nozzles
    -Auto cleaning system
    -Water connection
    -Weighing sensors
    -Dosing pump
    -Pipeline system
    -Storage tank