Wheat sourdough tank

The BIO-FM-P wheat sourdough tank is a device facilitating the processing of poolish used in various wheat dough preparation methods.
Bulk pre-ferment technology greatly enhances the possibility to diversify the baked product assortment and recognize customers’ expectations. Poolish production proceeds in a two steps. Upon the preliminary fermentation of the environment, the target pre-ferment is prepared. Thanks to the cooling systems and stable temperature, adequately leavened sponges may be stored up to 72 hours without concern about substandard quality. Chilled to an adequate temperature and then dispensed to be mixed into dough, considerably improve the properties of the latter and, in consequence, also contribute to the superior quality of the finished products.
The tanks are available in the capacities of 400, 650, 1400, 1600, 2000 litres. (Greater capacities available on order) The capacity of the BIO-FM-P 650 device allows to produce a single batch of 400 kg (1200 kg/day) of poolish, while that of BIO-FM-P 1400 – 800kg (2400 kg/day) of poolish.

  • Standard Equipment
  • -LENZE gear motor G500 series
    -Stirrer with scrapers
    -Control cabinet (installation in any location or device)
    -Automatic fermentation process
    -Automatic storage process
    -Touch panel control unit
    -Direct measurement temperature sensor
    -Safety switch
    -Limit switch on flap
  • Optional Equipment
  • -Cleaning nozzles
    -Auto cleaning system
    -Water connection
    -Weighing sensors
    -Dosing pump
    -Pipeline system
    -Storage tank