BioStarPlus chef leaven

BioStarPlus chef leaven contains lactic acid bacteria cultures, selectively isolated from natural bread sourdoughs. The lyophilisate we provide comprises the following bacteria strains: Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus sanfrancisco, which form a symbiotic system with Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast. BioStarPlus leaven allows to obtain such sourdough biocenosis in which microorganisms do not rival with one another in competition for nutrients found in flour.
The leaven is available as lyophilisate (sachet “A”), culture medium (sachet “B”) and in buckets with the capacity of up to 20 litres and a volume scale mark line.

BioStar starter cultures are a mixture of lactic acid bacteria and yeast obtained from natural environment. Our starters facilitate bread sourdough fermentation to proceed in an optimal and proper manner. They guarantee:

  • stable fermentation
  • consistent quality of bread, cakes and pastries
  • effectiveness and reliability of the technological process
  • assurance of the robustness as well as facilitation of the production process
  • traditional flavour and aroma
  • health-improving bread properties
  • proper bake properties of the flour
  • prolongation of bread durability

Plantarum Leaven

plantarumPlantarum Starter is intended for wheat flour fermentation. Inoculum contains three different strains of Lactobacillus plantarum bacteria . Such a composition secures an optimal course of fermentation, regardless of the quality of wheat flour and allows to obtain poolish with fine technological parameters.Sour flour is the key too the diversification of the doughs made with wheat flour.This opens ample opportunities to expand bread and semi-finished cake and pastry product assortment – from bread to rolls.
Application: processing of poolish for wheat dough preparation using fermentation tasks available in our offer —wheat sourdough tanks.

Specification of product characteristics:  Cream-coloured powdered lyophilisate comprising three strains of live bacteria. Adequately prepared culture medium to promote bacterial growth.

Unit packaging: 40 g
Our product is packaged under vacuum in PE foils that are additionally placed in collective carton packagings for protection against damage during transportation.

The use of BioStarPlus leaven ensures:

  • elimination of inconveniences arising from spontaneous fermentation;
  • appropriate initiation of the fermentation process, assurance of its desired course of development and repeatability;
  • proper acidity level of sour rye leaven – shorter bread-making time;
  • target bake properties of the flour resulting from biochemical transformations induced by the natural metabolites of lactic acid bacteria and yeast;
  • reduction in yeast consumption – desirable bread properties, also in terms of health stimulation;
  • high quality bread with an adequate flavour, aroma and prolonged freshness;
  • major benefits of bread consumption for health thanks to the elimination of mould infection toxins and a high content of L(+) lactic acid (excellent publicity).

“In comparison with traditional bread-making method, using starter cultures makes the process much simpler, thanks to which  robust and consistent quality of rye dough and bread with a distinct flavour and aroma can be obtained in a relatively short time. The addition of pre-selected starter cultures for bread production yields multiple technological, economic and health benefits. Starter cultures ensure high bread quality, prolong its freshness and postpone the process of staling. Bread made with the use of fermentation starters has a superior flavour and aroma thanks to an appropriate ratio of lactic acid bacteria to yeast. In addition, the products of the metabolism of lactic acid bacteria in fermentation environment inhibit the growth of pathogenic and putrefying bacteria, thus contributing to the purity of fermentation and reducing the risk of development of undesirable microflora in the bread, mainly mould. Starter culture application is also beneficial for health, as they decompose any potential mycotoxins deriving from flour moulds, reduce phytic acid that hinders the absorption of mineral compounds and aid the action of immunological system in humans.”

A. A. Ostasiewicz, MSc. Eng., A. Ceglińska, PhD Habilitated, Department of Food Technology, Faculty of Food Sciences, SGGW (Warsaw University of Life Sciences)