Liquid rye sourdough tank

The BIO-FM-K liquid rye sourdough tank is a fermentation tank which facilitates inclusion of additional passage in the process, considerably increasing the amount of leavened rye flour in the dough under preparation.
The way to proceed is to draw fully fermented sour rye starter from the liquid rye sourdough tank, add flour up to the capacity of 190-200 litres and carry on with the fermentation within a set time and at a predefined temperature. This secures consistent technological parameters of the liquid rye sourdough that would be otherwise unattainable using traditional methods. Exceptional results have been observed in rye and wholegrain bread production. A screw pump has been introduced for evacuation in order to boost performance.
Liquid rye sourdough tanks are available in various capacities to match the volume and cycle of the bread-making process.

  • Standard Equipment
  • -LENZE gear motor G500 series
    -Stirrer with scrapers
    -Control cabinet (installation in any location or device)
    -Automatic fermentation process
    -Automatic storage process
    -Touch panel control unit
    -Direct measurement temperature sensor
    -Safety switch
    -Limit switch on flap
  • Optional Equipment
  • -Cleaning nozzles
    -Auto cleaning system
    -Water connection
    -Weighing sensors
    -Dosing pump
    -Pipeline system
    -Storage tank