Flour brewer

A flour brewer is a device that enables brewing of a part of the flour used in the formulas. This procedure is designed to induce starch grains to crack, improving the bioavailability of the released sugars for fermentation microorganisms and yeast. Flour brewing facilitates the fermentation process, thus contributing to larger bread volume and freshness prolongation. In addition,
apart from sugars, aromatic compounds are released that improve bread flavour. Hence, new unique baked products can be invented.
The resulting brewed flour may be added directly to dough or used for liquid rye sourdough preparation.

Compact: The best device design available on the market. (It can be accommodated in any bakery).
Economical: The device ensures brewing at a faster rate that the competition (with low consumption of energy 1kg  of flour — less than 0.3 kWh).
The optimum temperature of rye starch gelatinization has been specified in the available sources: Arendt E.K., Ryan L.A.M., Bello F.: Impact of sourdough on the texture of bread.Food Microbiol.,2007,(24) , 165–174.

  • Standard Equipment
  • -LENZE gear motor G500 series
    -Stirrer with scrapers
    -Control cabinet (installation in any location or device)
    -Automatic fermentation process
    -Automatic storage process
    -Touch panel control unit
    -Direct measurement temperature sensor
    -Safety switch
    -Limit switch on flap
  • Optional Equipment
  • -Cleaning nozzles
    -Auto cleaning system
    -Water connection
    -Weighing sensors
    -Dosing pump
    -Pipeline system
    -Storage tank