How long can sour rye starter be stored?  Once fermentation ends, the sour rye starter tank automatically switches to the cooling mode. Given that mature sour rye starter is properly chilled, it can be stored up to 48 hours without any concern about quality.
How often should chef leaven be refreshed? Baked products shall preserve consistent high quality if the leaven is replaced every seven days.
It that true that bread made by your company is beneficial for health? Yes, by all means! Proper fermentation ensures flour detoxification (through the decomposition of mycotoxins) and a high content of L(+) lactic acid that has is beneficial for our organisms.
How to tell that sour rye starter has been fully fermented? The best method of verifying whether sour rye starter is fully fermented is to measure its acidity. However, pre-selection of bacteria cultures as well as monitoring the temperature and time of fermentation allow to precisely evaluate its biological maturity.
What is the mode of operation when dispensing sour rye starter for dough? It is a standard procedure to dispense sour rye starter by gravitational method through the opening of a check valve. It may be also dispensed in a much more accurate and convenient manner by means of a rotodynamic pump with a gravimetric module.
Is it burdensome to maintain the device clean? No. The tank design facilitates hassle-free maintenance of cleanliness.
What is the definition of sour rye starter passage? Passage of sour rye starter consists in its reprocessing in order to expand its mass. The way to proceed is to add an appropriate amount of water and flour to fully fermented sour rye starter and continue with fermentation according to the instructions.
What is the effect of the use of BioStar technology on the quality of products? Bread made with the use of BioStar technology manifests tempting flavour and aroma, firm crust and desirably supple crumb. It is undeniable that the bread stays fresh for an exceptionally long time.In addition, the bread does not start to crumble even after several days.
Is the operation of the device complex? No. The Control panel is easy to navigate and parameter entry is not difficult either.